Research Highlights

The Food and Moves apps get kids up and moving!

  • During a study on Foods and Moves with children, the mobile apps were each played by children for 7 minutes and produced an average of 80% moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (PA) during the app play.
  • The apps produced equivalent or greater PA metrics compared to traditional physical education activities, demonstrating the possibility of mobile apps to make significant contributions to overall PA levels in preschool-aged children.

Parents like the apps and think they work! 

  • Nearly all parents (93%) in the study agreed that Jungle Gym 1 & 2 were likely to increase their children’s PA. For Spin-n-Move, 77% of parents thought that the app was likely to increase PA.
  • The majority of parents (63%) believed that the Tasting Party Express app was likely to help children try new foods.
  • Most parents rated the apps 4 or 5 stars (73–96%)

Using the Apps in Programming and Research

We encourage the use of our Foods & Moves apps in your own research project. We also encourage those who do so to acknowledge them by citing the relevant research article as well as the apps themselves.

For questions related to research instruments, methods and/or findings, please contact Dr. Laura Bellows (


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