Advice for Teachers or Parents Using Foods & Moves

How to Play With Your Children

This app guides your child through specific types of movement designed to build their strength and physical development. Encourage children to move along with the characters and let them see YOU moving along as well! Remember that one child may move at a different level of skill than another. The physical movements demonstrated on screen are intended as a helpful guide and are generally designed for ages 4 to 5. Encourage your child to progress through different levels of skill, especially when practicing unfamiliar movements. Use the vocabulary from the app when performing movements, and support their physical activity, even if they aren’t yet doing them perfectly. Jungle Gym 1 gives kids language to describe different movement skills and concepts while allowing them to master the basics to progress to more advanced movements (Jungle Gym 2).

Most importantly, take the stories from this app out to play. When standing in line at the grocery store, or hanging out in the living room, talk your child through your own movement story!

What To Do When the Device Is Off

Ready to turn the device off? Let children’s new movement knowledge steer playtime! Maybe their newfound skills lead them on adventures to some of their favorite imaginary places: moving like their favorite sea creatures, climbing the tower at a castle, saving the day as a superhero. Try it at the park, on a rainy day indoors or when you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood, and let your child be the lead actor in their own movement story. Show your child that moving is fun!